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Glee Club at Crunch, Union Square
Glee Club at Crunch, Union Square

Just in time for the season premiere of Glee, the gym that brought you such illustrious workouts as Pole Dancing, Celebrity Body, and Eat, Pray Love Yoga, just debuted Glee Club. This Gleek-wooing workout at Crunch combines hip-hop with a whole lotta grapevine steps, and Jazz hands with…singing.

For non-members who haven’t already spied the sing-along dance class in progress, this is what it entails:

Get your inner Glee on in this hot new dance and vocal adrenaline workout featuring the all-star music and soundtrack from the hit TV show. Glee Club is where the music of Glee meets stylized dancing with Hip Hop and Broadway flair. Singing is not optional.

So beware the din of the dancers hamming it up while you’re doing your treadmill intervals, or join them. At the Union Square Crunch location (113 Fourth Ave., at Broadway), the 45-minute class is held on Thursday at 5:30. No breaking for commercials.

Visit for schedules and locations