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 Rip Training at Crunch

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Crunch Crunch debuts new classes each season the way fashion designers unveil new collections. We’ve zeroed in on the three most exciting new classes that will elevate both your heart rate and your fitness fun factor.

You’re invited to test-drive them yourself with a FREE 7-day membership from Crunch. The gym, which has 10 locations in New York City, wants you to know its beauty is not just class deep. As part of the offer, they’re throwing in one free 60-minute personal training session for good measure (and form).

1. POUND: Rock out with this workout that uses weighted drumsticks. It fuses killer movement and killer music for a full body interval workout that will leave you sweating (and head-bobbing).

2. Bi-Polar: Can’t decide whether to sweat or to stretch? Get the best of both extremes in Bi-Polar, a high-intensity cardio workout using a sand bag and jump rope that ends with deep stretching.

3. Rip Training: The newest concept (pictured above) from the creators of TRX uses a bar and a resistance cord to work core stability, balance, and coordination. Use your free session to check out this rip roaring new technique with an expert Rip trainer. (This experience is subject to trainer availability.)

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