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Cycle for SurvivalOn Friday, charity cycling event Cycle for Survival set up 100 stationary Schwinn bikes in the middle of Times Square, where New Yorkers pedaled towards the beginning of the event’s 2014 season.

The organization’s events, which take place at Equinox gyms across the country, raise money for research on rare cancers, like brain, pancreatic, and cervical. It has doubled in size every year since its inception in 2007, raising $31 million to fund 85 clinical trials to date. The 2014 rides, in February and March, will take place in 13 cities, with a total of 40 rides and 16,000 participants.

We stopped by to document the incredible outdoor classes happening amid tourists and Jumbotrons... —Lisa Elaine Held

Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good


Get Started
Cycle for SurvivalTop Equinox instructors led four classes throughout the day. Here, Robert Pennino kicks off the 4:00 p.m. class, with Cycle for Survival co-founder David Linn and family.


Cycle for SurvivalRiders pedaled hard during class—just with a lot more breaks for Instagram and Facebook snapshots than in your average class.


Cycle for Survival“Join the Battle” is Cycle for Survival’s rallying cry. In addition to splashing it across T-shirts, co-founder David Linn led riders in chanting it as class began.


Cycle for SurvivalMotivation was not in short supply during classes. In addition to cheering tourists and these dancing (cancer) “fighters,” Cycle for Survival employees ran around the bikes throughout class waving pom-poms and towels, shouting encouragement, and handing out high-fives.


Cycle for SurvivalAttendees were invited to sign the Cycle for Survival banner, with names, thoughts, and inspirations.


Cycle for SurvivalThey could also pin cards on this “Who Will You Ride For?” bulletin board, with names of friends and family members who are battling—or had been lost to—rare cancers.



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