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Photo: Instagram/@cyclesandsex

Female sexual and menstrual health has long been one of those subjects, like politics or religion, that’s taboo to discuss in polite company. Recently, however, the conversation has shifted toward being real about periods, hormones, and sexual health. One of the best sources of intel and “future is female” conversations in the year of femtech? Definitely Cycles+Sex.

Launched this April in New York City as a one-day conference that offered serious wellness knowledge for the most intimate parts of your life (looking at you, sex drive), Cycles+Sex was a standing-room-only event with speakers like Well+Good co-founder and chief content officer Melisse Gelula and Well+Good Council member Alisa Vitti.

And now, founders Lauren Bille (who also co-founded The Big Quiet), Natalia Hailes, and Ashley Spivak are taking their keep-it-real (and informed) mission out West. Cycles+Sex Los Angeles launches on November 4, featuring menstrual marathon hero Madame Gandhi, buzzy sex educator Ericka Hart, and Vitti, AKA the “hormone whisperer.”

Co-founder Lauren Bille says the conference is about “speaking to everyone who comes from a uterus, so really trying to remind people that it isn’t just an issue for women, it’s for everyone.”

With women’s rights constantly under attack, the topics and taboos that Cycles+Sex tackle are arguably more important and relevant than ever before. Bille says the conference is about “speaking to everyone who comes from a uterus, so really trying to remind people that it isn’t just an issue for women, it’s for everyone.” She adds that the LA event aims to address the changing landscape of gender identity and create a safe space for people across the fluid spectrum of identity.

Besides the talks, there will be a pop-up from the Pleasure Chest, with sex ed all day, and finally: “[Vibrator and app brand] Lioness will be showing people what their orgasms look like as data!” Bille says. (Mic drop.)

If you’re not living the coastal life, Cycles+Sex is definitely planning on expanding: “We hope to reach more cities, as well as smaller towns, colleges and areas with a lot less access to this education,” Bille says. Cities TBD, but hey, you can always start a women’s circle dedicated to TMI conversations. Preparation is key (and fun), right?

Cycles+Sex Los Angeles, $35, 11 a.m.–7 p.m., November 4, The Springs, 608 Mateo St., Los Angeles, CA 90021, (213) 223-6226

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