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Last week we ran a Well+Good Wellness Weekend about Washington, D.C., suggesting that our Capital is better known for pork barrel spending than healthy living. We admit to a mildly condescending tone when comparing the District’s wellness offerings to our own super-fit lifestyle in NYC.

Look who’s laughing in lotus now. Washington, D.C. just took the top spot as “America’s Fittest City,” according to the American Fitness Index (AFI), a publication released by the American College of Sports Medicine. Another newsflash: New York City didn’t even make the top ten. The other top ten cities included Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn., Denver, Boston and San Francisco. Turns out Bloomberg’s war against salt and transfat isn’t enough. We need more parks, dog park, swimming pools, and more bike lanes. We also, apparently, don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. Visit the American Fitness Index for the full methodology.