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aura cacia daily plus Pin It

Real talk: Keeping yourself accountable is hard (especially when your two-day old takeout is staring at you from your fridge). The solve? Having a supportive squad to keep you on track.

If you could use some extra encouragement in your life (couldn’t we all?), we’ve got you covered. The Daily+ by Noteworthy—the super inspirational community created by Aura Cacia (of essential oil fame)—wants to help you live your best life in 2018.

All year, the Daily+ will send you motivational quotes, inspirational advice, and uplifting essential oil recipes—basically guaranteeing you’ll always have a virtual high five on deck.

Plus, Aura Cacia is throwing in a little something to sweeten the deal. When you introduce a friend to Noteworthy, you’ll both get a free roll-on when they sign up.

Click here to sign up, and get ready for 2018 to be your best (and best-smelling) year yet.

In partnership with Noteworthy by Aura Cacia®

Photo: Aura Cacia