Deborah Lippmann’s first-ever lipstick, Bite Me, is inspired by vampires

The nail polish guru just launched a True Blood-inspired lip and nail collection. Can we wear it the sun?

Less-toxic nail polish guru Deborah Lippmann just launched her first lipstick as part of “Forsaken,” a True Blood-inspired collection that also includes Gothic-hued nail lacquers. (Can you wear them in the sun?)

The lipstick, which is a delicious deep shade of blackberry, is called “Bite Me” and is being sold alongside a sanguine red polish called “Let it Bleed” on ($28 for both).

The only downside is that while the formulation avoids parabens and fragrance and does include nourishing aloe and papaya extracts, it’s not all-natural.

Come November, Lippmann’s entire vampy collection will be available at Barney’s, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

So you can dress up your pout (and your polish) and pine for Eric Northman long after the season ends.

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