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December 3: Your healthy news briefing

dec-3-news-sensory-deprivationWhat has the Well+Good staff’s attention? Join us for our morning news debrief and learn what we’re reading and what’s buzzing in the wellness world. (Besides our articles, of course.)

Peloton just raised $75 million in funding
The investors, Catterton, have previously bought stake in Pure Barre and Core Power Yoga.

Ultra-marathoners finish with tinier brains

Meanwhile, Donald Trump will release his medical records to prove he’s 100 percent healthy enough to be president
We’re talking physically, people. Not mentally. (You know that, right?)

There was a hysterical clip about COP21 on The Daily Show Tuesday night…
“The goal is to prevent Nelly’s apocalyptic vision. How did it get so hot in herre?”

…And a Bon Kleppertit video about the food industry, too

Sensory deprivation tanks are all the rage
Some heavy floaters are clocking in 24-hour sessions.

I hope there’s wifi at your local grocery store
SmartLabel will allow consumers to scan QR labels on popular products, which will take them to a landing page with the food’s full nutritional breakdown.

Speaking of labels, 89 percent of Americans are in favor of GMO labeling

Patricia Moreno wrote an awesome response to a Well+Good commenter
In short, she’s going to be releasing a video she previously recorded but withheld because she felt self-conscious about how she looked.

A woman endured eight hours of catcalling by standing nude in a window display

Binge-watching as a young adult can speed up your cognitive decline
I’m probably going to be brain dead before I hit my thirties.

ShiftWear wants to turn your sneakers into interactive battery-powered works of art

A makeup artist creates a “mermaid look” by using dead fish. Literally.
In case you thought I couldn’t top Glitter Pits/Parts/Beards.

Compiled and written by Sarah Sarway

What are some of our top stories today? These ayurvedic tips for keeping skin in tip-top shape all winter, the green-smoothies-that-aren’t-actually-green recipes, and—speaking of smoothies—our take on the impending bananapocalypse.

(Photo: An Rong Xu for The New York Times)