December 8: Your healthy news briefing

outdoor-voices-classpassWhat has the Well+Good staff’s attention? Join us for our morning news debrief and learn what we’re reading and what’s buzzing in the wellness world. (Besides our articles, of course.)

Bill Nye the Science Guy explains sleep with emojis
Also, can someone get me the name and number of his facialist? He’s looking ???.

Someone with expensive taste robbed Gwyneth’s GOOP pop-up yesterday
$173,000 in Valentino and jewelry were taken. I assume the gold-plated juicer would have been too heavy.

78 percent of Americans are distracted walkers
The remaining 22 percent are likely Amish, toddlers, or the type that says, “On the Facebook.”

You won’t believe some of the crazy things that NYC fitness trainers yell at their clients
“Squat away that cellulite! Nobody wants to see cottage cheese at the beach!”

ClassPass and Outdoor Voices launched a collection
But do they limit the number of orders you can place in a  month?

We may soon be able to charge our iPhones using coffee
Someone handling the ConEd bill at Starbucks Corporate is probably doing the Carlton dance right now.

30 Boston students got sick from Chipotle
College kids will have to find another way to cope with studying-induced munchies.

Going meatless can make you crazy
Well, wrap me up and send me to Bellevue. (Or have Drew Ramsey feed me a steak.)

The New York City styrofoam ban has been lifted
Do these 54 degree December mornings mean nothing to you, New York Supreme Court judges?

The Italian chef of the second most popular restaurant in the world talks trash 
With celebrity status comes great responsibility. (And also: We totally agree with him about the future of food waste.)

5 ways to set realistic fitness goals after giving birth
Don’t let the Angels in that little ol’ fashion show get to you.

Week off to an iffy start?
Try slamming your face in a loaf of bread. Internet fame awaits.


Compiled and written by Sarah Sarway

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(Photo: Outdoor Voices)

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