Deepak Chopra’s new HQ in New York City

For Deepak Homebase in NYC, the best-selling author and alt-med authority finds ABC Home designed to his liking.
Deepak Chopra's new home at ABC Home, New York City
Deepak Chopra's new home at ABC Home, New York City. Photo: Kanon Vodka

Deepak Chopra, the wellness guru and best-selling alt-med author, will have a new platform in New York City starting in February.

The mind-body authority is moving his Sirius radio show, along with hard copies of his latest best-seller Muhammad: A Story of the Last Prophet, and wellness message to the mezzanine level of ABC Home.

It will serve as an East Coast think-tank and a satellite of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing at the La Costa Resort in Southern California, which will continue to be command central for Chopra’s wellness programs.

Deepak Homebase New York
A sign announcing the future Deepak Homebase at ABC

Although it’s just in the build-out process now, Deepak Homebase (that’s the official name) at the high-design home store will function as an “interactive salon, studio, laboratory for well-being…as well as TV, podcasts, mobile, web, radio”according to ABC Home’s website.

It will welcome “creatives, leaders, luminaries, futurists” and, quite likely, disoriented interior decorators looking for the Conran Shop.

Right now the global exchange of ideas involves a giant flat screen running Chopra’s biography on repeat. But we expect a fully wired wellness experience this winter.

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