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Deka NYC opens as a mini Barneys for fitness fashion

(Photo: Molly Gallagher for Well+Good)

Deka is like other well-curated women’s fashion boutiques, only with one noticeable difference—it specializes in high-end clothing for your workouts.

And the brand, which has shops in Atlanta and Chicago, just introduced its concept to New York City’s Soho neighborhood—making it the city’s first permanent shop dedicated to luxury, cool, and emerging fitness fashion brands. (Bandier’s current NYC shop is a pop-up, although a permanent location is expected to open in spring.) All the better considering the number of workouts you have to dress for in Manhattan now.

While activewear stores like Nike and Lululemon dot Manhattan, each selling their own branded workout capris and tanks, Deka NYC is like a mini Barneys (if everything sold at Barneys wicked or compressed) and stocks a range of many emerging, fashion-forward brands.

The store is owned by New York-based company ID 10, which formerly stocked exclusively VPL apparel in the same space and tapped Deka founder Jim Whitlow to curate the racks with more brands like Michi, Lucas Hugh, and Splits 59, plus fur vests and sweet hightop sneakers. In fact, Whitlow prides himself on providing a destination where you can find chic workout outfits—as well as shop for what you’ll wear post-sweat sesh.

“There is no store like this in NYC or LA,” he says. “[And] you can’t feel the fabrics or get the fit you want when you shop online. We cater to the modern lifestyle of women…they are tired of Lululemon and other national brands. They want to be unique individuals.”

The store opened just in time for holiday shopping (and New Year’s resolutions), but we have a feeling this one might serve you a little more than anyone on your gift list. —Molly Gallagher

Deka is still polishing up some final touches on the store, but you can take a mini virtual tour below. 




Deka, 5 Mercer Street, btwn Grand and Canal Sts., Soho,

(Photos: Molly Gallagher for Well+Good)