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A workshop that focuses on asana and the artist within

Derek Beres

After recently relocating to Los Angeles (cue booing), innovative DJ-yogi Derek Beres is returning to New York this weekend, where he’ll be leading a workshop on creativity at Strala Yoga.

Beres—a musician, writer, and yogi—epitomizes mat to mic to Macbook creativity.

“The workshop is about getting creative in your mat practice, but also how to translate that into a viable and prosperous life skill,” says Beres.

Yoga, for example, can open you up to change and possibilities, explains Beres, while also opening up your hip flexors. Consider it the confluence of poetic and practical.

Yoga and the Creative Mind with Derek Beres, Saturday, January 7, 1—3:30 p.m., Strala Yoga, 632 Broadway (between Bond and Bleecker), Noho, $40 on