Design Your Year with a Handel Group Urban Retreat

It’s called a New Year’s Resolution—not a January Resolution. How are you going to make yours stick? Design Your Year with a workshop that does just that.
Design Your Year Handel Group IntenSati
Design Your Year with a Handel Group and IntenSati Urban Retreat


It’s called a New Year’s Resolution—not a First Week of January Resolution. How are you going to make your big plans and good habits stick? Design Your Year, says the Handel Group, with a workshop that does just that.

And Well+Good readers get a deal—$120, instead of the regular $150 price. 

The life-coaching power house that whips big-wig CEOs into shape—and is vouched for by high-profile students like Elena Brower and Patricia Moreno—is hosting an Urban Retreat on Sunday, January 22.

Handel Group Urban Retreat IntenSati
Christine Young and Hildie Dunn leading a Handel Group Urban Retreat

“Most people have difficulty being disciplined enough to follow through on their goals and/or they simply stretch themselves too thin,” says Handel Group coach Christine Young.

At the Design Your Year Urban Retreat, you’ll kick off with an IntenSati class. After this inspiring workout, you’ll create a blueprint for your year, and, just as important, develop the discipline for follow-through.

And FYI: The Well+Good editors have done several workout + life-coaching workshops with the Handel Group, and found the combo surprisingly mind-blowing and transformative.

When: Sunday, January 22, 1:45–8:00 p.m.

Where: The JCC in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave., at W. 76th St., Upper West Side

How to register: To get the Well+Good rate of $120 (non-refundable), you must book with code: WAG30UR

Book at

What to wear/bring: A journal/notepad, pen, water, sweatshirt, a snack/light dinner to have during the break. Come wearing workout clothing and bring dry clothes for after.

Led by: Senior Coach, Christine Young and Staff Coach, Hildie Dunn

For more information, visit

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