Diary of a champion fencer

London hopeful Tim Morehouse takes us through a turbo-charged training day.
Tim Morehouse
(Photo: Q.Equinox.com)

By Terri Macleod for Q.Equinox.com

Tim Morehouse’s London Games have been a long time coming. “As soon as Beijing’s closing ceremonies happened, I was already in the midst of planning and preparing for 2012,” says the 2008 fencing silver medalist. The 34-year-old, who competes today in the team event after being eliminated in the individual quarterfinals, lives and trains in New York City, where he and his teammates have been on a rigorous schedule.

“We train five days a week, usually between five and seven hours a day. That includes conditioning, fencing sports psychology, video work and cardiovascular work.” When he’s not preparing for competition, Morehouse is on a quest to make fencing more accessible with his Fencing-In-The-Schools foundation; a nationwide school program that introduces the sport into under-privileged areas.

There have been hours, weeks and years that went into these Games; Morehouse gave us a snapshot of a single day:

“Wake up to an alarm clock and an excited dog. Throw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt and take my dog, a French Bulldog named Louie, for his morning walk. I also stop for coffee, since I am not a morning person and am usually half-awake as I head out the door.”

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