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Did you know this month is Veganuary?

(Photo: Pinterest)
(Photo: Pinterest)
(Photo: Pinterest)

You may notice more of your coworkers going without cheese in their salads this month.

Veganuary (what you get when combining “vegan-January”) is an international campaign challenging people to eat vegan for a full month.

(Photo: Calgary Herald)
(Photo: Calgary Herald)

It launched last year in the United Kingdom, and the challenge just arrived in the United States for the first time (and got an online upgrade). And founders Matthew Glover and Jane Land say that participation has increased tenfold this year as a result of debuting it stateside, where veganism has a lot more presence.

“We were inspired by the Movember campaign and wanted to do something with a similar vibe, which would help animals, people, and the natural world,” Glover says. “January is the month of new lifestyle changes and resolutions, so it’s perfect for people to trial veganism.” The Movember campaign promotes men growing mustaches the month of November to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

How many people are taking the meat-and-dairy-free plunge? So far, about 10,000 people are signed up on the website, but Glover says the website gets 100,000 views per day, suggesting more people are actually taking part (or at least swapping in a veggie burger here and there?).

“Our hope is that a good proportion of people will enjoy the experience, feel the benefits of eating vegan food, and decide to continue with it after January,” Glover says. Maybe the fact that it’s a much less expensive resolution than a gym membership will help? —Jamie McKillop

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