Discover flower essences (and chocolate) at the YinOva Center

Lotus Wei and Wei of Chocolate share their flower-essence infused products at the YinOva Center this Friday.

woman with flower An African daisy, red hibiscus, birdsfoot lotus?

This Friday at the YinOva Center, Katie Hess, founder of Lotus Wei, wants to know which flower you’re drawn to. “That just gives me a read of where you’re at,” says Hess. “And then we go from there.”

Hess, an organic alchemist based in Phoenix, has been working with flower essence therapy for the past 12 years, along with her friend Lisa Reinhardt, who founded a sister company, Wei of Chocolate.

Hess says that flower essences have been used for thousands of years in various cultures and are now widely used across Europe and in South America. “The U.S. is lagging behind,” she says about these therapeutic supplements.

joy juice elixir
A few drops under the tongue promotes joy, $29

Similar to essential oils, each flower is associated with a healing property, like tranquility, joy, or creativity, which it can bring out and nurture in an individual. But unlike oils, flower essences have no smell or taste—their effects work through acupuncture meridians.

Wei of Chocolate
Wei of Chocolate starts at $10

You can take in the flower essences as serums, mists, or elixirs made by Hess—or infused in Reinhardt’s organic, vegan dark chocolate. “Chocolate is the path of least resistance to really affect change in people’s lives,” says Reinhardt, whose flavors run from chai-flavored Wei Gratitude to chili-infused Wei Love.

In every form, both purveyors are consistently amazed at the results they see. “You might notice that you feel different, or you might notice that people respond to you differently,” observes Hess. “Things just shift around on the inside.”

Katie Hess, Elena Brower, Lisa Reinhardt
Hess and Reinhardt with New York City fan Elena Brower

New Yorkers are ready to experience the power of flower essences, say the duo, whose products sell at top spas in Arizona and California. “New Yorkers are on the cutting edge,” says Reinhardt, who sees this as an extension of an interest in organic food and beauty. “We’re taking things to a level of subtlety that really matters to people.”

Lotus Wei and Wei of Chocolate Trunk Show, Friday, June 19, noon—5:00 p.m., The YinOva Center, 74 East 11th St, btwn Broadway and University, Union Square,

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