Ditch Day Recap

Poolside at Camp Flywheel

Yesterday we “worked remotely” from Sag Harbor, along with 40 other New Yorkers who variously called in sick, used a personal day, or, in one case, actually invited her boss (good one Sandy!) to the first annual Ditch Day.

Co-hosted by Flywheel Sports and lululemon athletica’s Union Square store, Ditch Day included a full day of exercising, healthy eating, and relaxing in the Flywheel Sag Harbor house.

Well+Good's Melisse Gelula (right) and Lisa Held get ready to spin at Flywheel in Sag Harbor

The fabulous Kate Hickl of Flywheel taught a killer spin class (that kicked off with Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”—great choice!) and left everyone drenched. Kate, by the way, has the world’s most gorgeously toned arms, so we asked her just what she’s doing to get her awesome guns. We’ll be featuring her home arm-toning workout later this month on Well+Good.


Flywheel aficionado, and power attorney, Monica Duda saddles up

Lisa Zaloga of YogaWorks led an hour-long yoga class tailored to a post-spin stretch and recovery. It was just what we needed.

Then we all headed over the Flywheel House for salads, wraps, fruit, and wine (and maybe a homemade brownie or two made by Lululemons’s Monique Cahn). Then we slathered on sunscreen and  kicked back by the pool until it was time to return to the city.


Yoga class started off gently but quickly warmed up: That's Well+Good's Lisa Held (at top) and Alexia Brue


Most people were having too much fun to even check their Blackberries.

There’s already talk of a September Ditch Day that would include the spin-yoga combo, followed by some wine tasting in the Hamptons. Cheers to that. Hope to see you there!

Lovely ladies enjoying a poolside lunch, miles and miles from midtown

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