Do you like working out at home? Here’s what Well+Good readers said

A love of multitasking. And nudity. And a temporary resistance to commuting. These are just a few of the top 8 reasons Well+Good readers love working out at home.


First of all, a huge congratulations to Samantha who won a treasure trove of Gaiam at-home workout gear.

During the contest, we heard from scores of people who absolutely live for their at-home yoga and strength training and cardio sessions.

Here are the top 8 reasons Well+Good readers love working out at home:

1. I like to multitask.
“I love being able to multi-task while working out at home! I can pop something in the oven, ride the bike trainer, and when I’m done, dinner is, too!”—Samantha

2. It’s more affordable.
As a fourth-year university student, I find working out at home not only allows me to get in shape without forking out a lot of cash, but also reminds me how important it is to take care of my mind and body, no matter how much else I may have to do! –Alyssa

3. I’m a mom.
It sets a great example for my two young children, and they love to workout with me.—Lee

“I like working out at home because it’s more affordable and more flexible. As a mother with young children, it can be hard to get to the gym. But I fit in a workout at home when they are playing or sleeping.” —Danika

4. It saves me the commute! (And my problem with chronic lateness.)
“I love the being able to work out whenever I have a spare block of time and not to have to make time for travel.” —Lynn

“When it’s pouring rain…and freezing cold…it’s nice to build heat in the comfort of your home!!” —Catie

“Since I’m always running late for everything, I can never be late for class when it’s in my own home!” —Gina

5. I need a break from other people.
“Working out at home means I can remain calm before I start my practice safe in the knowledge that I won’t have to battle it out in the yoga studio for a space to lay my mat.” —VC23

“I love the sanctuary and solitude of working out at home. I can create whatever mood I’d like – energized or relaxing – and I love that this gives me the awareness of the power and control I have over my environment and my body without the distractions of a gym or yoga studio.” —April

6. It’s a no-judgement zone.
“I love working out at home because it’s truly a no-judgement zone. Whether I’m toning or ohm-ing in what I like to call my ‘yoga nook,’ I can really get into my workout without feeling awkward about not being the most intense person in the room.” —Valerie

7. I like being my own coach.
“Working out at home means I am accountable for me. It takes courage, dedication and a bit of humor to face yourself like that everyday. I love being able to change things up to my own pace and goal for the day. I can be creative with my practice from home which motivates me to get towards my goal even faster.” —Jenn

“Deeper focus and the ability to work out when it works for me makes exercising at home ideal. Nothing beats being your own inner coach.” —Heidi

8. It’s clothing-optional!
“I don’t have to wear clothes. They’re so restricting.” —Lizz

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