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Do you live on NYC’s healthiest block?

You’ve probably heard of the Greenest Block in Brooklyn. That’s the annual contest organized by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden that gives a blue ribbon to Brooklyn’s most verdant, lush block.

We’re looking for NYC’s healthiest block.

Do you live on a street with two yoga studios, a farmer’s market, and meditation garden? We want to know!

The first nominee: East 10th Street between 1st and A. In the space of just a few footsteps, you’ll find health food store Live, Live & Organic, the vegan restaurant Quintessence (points deducted for the fact that the food there generally sucks), and the Russian Turkish Bath. (Three healthy spots are a minimum.)

Please let us know in the Comments section, below, if your block qualifies for the prestigious honor of Well+Good’s Healthiest Block. We’ll be profiling all those nominated, and then choosing a winner.