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old woman doing yogaWe wondered what it was about David Wolfe that commanded such a dedicated following, so we stopped by his sold-out event at Organic Avenue last week to investigate.

Wolfe spoke about the importance of natural spring water, superfoods, and herbalism—par for the course of this nutrition guru. But the part of his lecture that got everyone’s serious attention? The life-long elephant in the room: longevity.

“I don’t want to go down for the count at 110, I’m going for 3,000,” Wolfe said, addressing the Hayflick limit, the concept discovered in the ‘60s that discovered that cells will only divide a certain number of times before they stop, not matter what you feed them and how you treat them. “We’ve got to evade that. We’ve got to drive the bus around that.”

David Wolfe Longevity
The ageless David Wolfe (photo: Organic Avenue)

How exactly do we re-route our mortality? With TA-65, a substance derived from an Astragalus plant found in a small area of China, says Wolfe, which researchers have shown can lengthen and preserve telomeres, the protective ends of chromosomes.

Not available at your Duane Reade even with a prescription, TA-65 is available for the price of $4,000 for a 6-month supply. And you thought flax seed oil is expensive.

So should you do it? While current research confirms longer telomeres are generally associated with longer lives, TA-65 has not yet been clinically proven to extend life. But if Wolfe is right, in 10 years, you’ll be 20 years younger.

This quest begs the question that every existentialist from Alphaville to Jay-Z has asked: Do we really want to live forever?

After all, unless all of our friends and family also drink their TA-65-spiked green juice, they’ll soon be gone. And is extending the duration of life the same thing as living a full, satisfying, and healthy one no matter how much time you have?

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