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Space clearing your apartment no clutter
If your space doesn’t feel like a feature on, you might just need Wendell’s help.

Some go to the Container Store to de-clutter. Others book a professional space clearing, a slate-wiping session that deals with the energy of your apartment, a factor which may hold more sway over your life than you realize, explains Judith Wendell, founder of Sacred Currents, who’s been doing integrative interior design for 13 years.

While the concept might sound completely out there, the anecdotal evidence for space clearing is tantalizing: Wendell’s credited with turning failed spaces into fortunate ones: Candle Cafe is approaching its sixth anniversary despite the unlucky run of restaurants located there before it.

And her work has lead buyers to apartments lingering on the market, reoriented offices for productivity and profit, and helped city spas secure that sanctuary vibe. Just call her the Space Whisperer.

Judith Wendell feng shui New York
Judith Wendell

It’s not as simple as waving a magic wand: Wendell assesses spaces with a dowsing rod and a bagua (a feng shui map), and performs the clearing ceremonies with a number of rarefied tools, using a resin derived from an English cathedral and bells made for temples in Bali.

Wendell, who holds several design degrees, is simply trying to adapt feng shui to modern times. “The same way you wouldn’t eat from new dishes unless you washed them, you want to do the same for your space and avoid inheriting something that isn’t yours,” she says.

You may be expected to make offerings with bowls of water, flowers, and candles, and provide an emotional intention. “I always have clients work with me,” Wendell says. “And it’s partly because of their involvement that I’ve never had a complaint of a space clearing not working.”

For space clearing sessions and rates, contact Judith Wendell, 212-410-1832, [email protected],

Have you ever saged your apartment to get rid of its bad vibes? You can tell us, here!