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WIE Nework
Last year’s WIE Symposium. Photo credit: Christos Katsiaouni


Sure, you work out three or four times a week and eat copious kale salads. But if your day job consists of drowning in work responsibilities that make you miserable, cursing your unhinged boss, and not ever developing the courage to ask for a raise, your health (and sanity) will suffer.

Thankfully, the summer’s S.H.E. Summit was just the first in a a string of events happening this year that want to help women give their careers a protein-smoothie boost. Here are two more upcoming conferences to help you tap your leadership potential this fall.

For high-powered, celebrity inspiration

WIE Symposium
September 20–21, New York, NY

Katie Couric and Swarovski executive board member Nadja Swarovski are hosting this coming together of uber-successful women you’d have to try hard not to learn from. We’re talking Chelsea Handler and Tyra Banks to Time, Inc., CEO Laura Lang to fitness mogul Tracy Anderson. This year’s theme is the Female Advantage, so talks will focus on “playing to your strengths and staying authentic.”

For the entrepreneur or career-changer

Emerging Women Live
October 10-13, Boulder, CO

This conference aims to help women “harness the power of the feminine” by using traits like compassion and inspiration to get ahead. It focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship, and promises to dole out loads of practical skills you’ll be able to use to build or grow a business or take whatever you’re working on to the next level. —Lisa Elaine Held