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Terry Chin takes off the training wheels in Riverside Park

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for suburban kids. And as NYC becomes more bike-friendly with bike lanes and new parks, no doubt the toddlers you see scooting along on Razors will learn how to bike, too.

But there’s a lost generation (or three) of New Yorkers who never learned how to ride a bike. Enter Terry Chin. This Brooklyn photographer has been teaching adult New Yorkers how to two-wheel for over 30 years.

Every Saturday morning you’ll find him patiently leading classes in Riverside Park. Usually it takes 3 sessions ($99) to master balance (the hardest part), shifting gears, and signaling. Special lessons you won’t learn in the burbs: how to handle pot holes. “I take my best riders to Central Park,” Chin explains. “There I teach them about riding with more traffic. If someone’s really amazing, I’ll give them a lesson on the street. But that doesn’t happen very often.”

Chin doesn’t have e-mail, or a website for that matter. To sign up, call him at 718-680-5227