Eat breakfast made by an international chef (every day)

The company that got you hooked on Chia Pods, just launched a line of delish, ready-to-eat Bircher Muesli—and it was created by an international chef.
The Chia Co, Bircher Muesli
(Photos: The Chia Co.)

It’s one thing to eat brunch at a mega-watt restaurant once in a while. It’s a totally different thing to eat breakfast by a chef every morning. But it’s just become quite easy.

The Chia Co.—the Australian company that got you hooked on Chia Pods (AKA the healthy person’s pudding)—just launched a line of ready-to-eat Bircher Muesli that was created by an international chef.

The mastermind is Adam Melonas, who’s been in the kitchen at restaurants around the world from Dubai to London and even Spain’s El Bulli, and also heads up Unreal, where he works to un-junk the world.

For The Chia Co. he created three kinds of Bircher Muesli that are blessedly not boring—pistachio and cranberry, orange and brazil nut, and apple and acai. “It’s unexpected and that’s why we like it,” says Melonas.

The colorful, little containers are filled with almond milk, coconut oil, whole grain oats, apple juice and orange juice, chia seeds, and fruit depending on the flavor. They have about 7 or 8 grams of protein and fiber each, but they’re a little high in sugar (15g), about half of which comes from the apple and orange juices, which act as clean sweeteners.

And just like the adorable (and convenient) orange spoons that come with your Chia Pods—these on-the-go goods (available at Whole Foods and other grocery stores nationwide) have them, too. It might not be as fancy as the silverware at one of Melonas’ restaurant dinners, but we’ll take it. —Molly Gallagher

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