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Editors’ holiday picks: What to give (and get) from the Well+Good Holiday Shop

Holiday shopping

Have a beauty-obsessed sister? Buy her Melisse’s coveted Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush ($28).

Does your best friend refuse to go running without her iPod? Get her some super cute and sweat-proof UrbanEars ear buds ($34.95), one of Alexia’s picks.

Need a bit of (yoga-friendly) bling? Lisa’s in love with Satya’s Thrive onyx-and-gold necklace ($138).

We stocked our on-line shop with our holiday faves. So if you’re wondering what we’re giving (and hopefully getting), browse our store. You won’t have to take the subway and the temperature is always a comfortable 72 degrees.

And if you click through to the main Amazon page to purchase your brother a stack of video games, your Well+Good picks will remain securely in your virtual cart.

Happy Holiday shopping!