From a sea of white outfits and pantsuits, here’s some serious feminist inspo

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Whether this is your first time to vote (like me! I’m 20 years old) or your 15th, this election is pretty special. It’s not every day that a woman’s name is on the ballot as a major party candidate for president of the United States, after all.

Seizing the historic moment, which comes less than 100 years after the 19th Amendment granted women the right to vote, many women (and men!) are wearing white to honor the work of the suffragists or donning Hillary Clinton’s look of choice, the pantsuit—and posting just-voted selfies on their Instagram feeds.

And it has been surprisingly emotional. That sea of white get-ups and sensible suits represent so much more than a sartorial choice—it feels like a particularly feminine show of force after what’s been a bruising (and even triggering) campaign.

Case in point: Pantsuit Nation, which started in October as a small, private Facebook group to get people to wear Hillary’s signature look to the polls. In less than three weeks, the group (which is still private, so you have to be invited to view the posts) has grown to 2.6 million members and has morphed into an all-purpose space for sharing stories in an extraordinarily supportive way.

The group discourages arguing, trolling, and sick burns in favor of a Michelle Obama-style “go high” attitude. (Think “Humans of New York,” but with selfies. Prepare to sob!) After an incredibly stressful election season, scrolling through the #pantsuitnation while you wait in line to vote feels like a positive blast of self-care.

“I have seen every age group, every race, every region of the country represented in the Pantsuit Nation. And after so much rancor, this Nation gives me faith in OUR nation,” one member wrote.

Need more Election Day inspiration? Keep scrolling for 13 memorable snapshots of this historic day as it was recorded on social media.

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Susan B. Anthony is the OG #nastywoman. (Thanks to star yogi Jessie Barr for this suffragist love!)


Squad #imwithher #strongertogether #tuesdaymorningfind #nyvotes 💅💅💋😘 📷 credit: @b____e___n

A photo posted by Valerie B. (@valbelle711) on

The future is female (and stylish).


Who runs the world? (Girls!)


✔️🇺🇸 #pantsuitnation #werewithher

A photo posted by Trisha Gama (@trishagama) on

@trishagama‘s daughter may not be old enough to officially vote, but she’s definitely old enough to rock a pantsuit.


Go vote!

A photo posted by Janet Mock (@janetmock) on

Trans activist and celeb Janet Mock’s beautiful beaming face says it all.



A photo posted by Rebecca Neely (@rneelzy) on

No pantsuit? No problem. Rebecca (@rneelzy) and friends wear white to honor women’s suffrage at the Tennessee Woman’s Suffrage Memorial.


I'm so excited to have voted for our first women president!! We are making herstory! 💪🏼✨ #imwithher #thefutureisfemale #nastywoman

A photo posted by Melanie Abrantes (@melanieabrantesdesigns) on

Voting is way more than just a civic duty—Melanie (@melaniebrantesdesigns) shows just how fun it is, too.


Too many pantsuits? No such thing!


Flying? Super-strength? Nope–voting is the ultimate super power for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet.


So much fun #imwithher #wearwhitetovote #electiondayfashion #ivoted

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Mom isn’t the only one who can wear white in honor of women’s right to vote!


Today’s a day to celebrate—and to remember why voting is so important.


I voted! Did you? #myfirstelection #govote #electionday #2016 #doingmyjob

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Katie (@kkatiecookk) is all smiles after voting in her first (!) election.


What better way to celebrate election day than a mother-daughter voting date?

Still haven’t voted yet? There’s still time! And if you need a primer on the key issues that are on the ballot this cycle, we’ve got you covered

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