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virayogaThe Anusara world may be mired in controversy, but Elena Brower, who split with the discipline four months ago, is charting a clear course for her famous Soho studio, Virayoga.

Last week, Virayoga expanded, adding a third studio it’s calling the “street studio” because of the floor-to-ceiling bay windows that overlook Broadway.

“The expansion not only helps us offer more and varying class times, it gives us a chance to host and share in many traditions of yoga,” says Brower. While Virayoga was once an exclusive Anusara studio, it now offers “a range of core traditions.”

The new light-filled room fits 40 mats, and it also freed up space (they moved check-in to the new room) so that Brower can now fit up to 80 yogis in the main studio. (And you know that’s a good thing if you’ve ever attended one of her sold-out Saturday morning classes.)

And while an additional room may not sound like a huge expansion, it’s a convenient metaphor for Virayoga as it transitions into a new life, separate from the dark clouds surrounding Anusara. —Lisa Elaine Held