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Commutes are stressful for everyone—but there are few things as heart-racingly and claustrophobically miserable as navigating New York City’s Grand Central Station during rush hour. On Valentine’s Day, however, travelers were greeted by a familiar (and stress-reducing) face: Emma Watson.

In an endearingly wacky act of public service, the actress and UN ambassador was giving out advice (at $2 a pop), via FaceTime from an undisclosed location, Mashable reports.

Photo: Instagram/@sslover
Photo: [email protected]

Taking inspiration from Lucy in Charlie Brown, CNN style editor and reporter Derek Blasberg carried a portable advice desk around his neck—with an iPad broadcasting Watson’s face and a money jar—while he wrangled those who sought the 26-year-old’s counsel.

And although you can’t quite hear her responses in the few clips scattered on social media, from what we know about the super-inspiring star, I’ll bet Watson’s advice was top-notch. (Plus, there was a full camera crew in tow, so fingers crossed that she unveils the footage publicly.)

Scroll down to see the actress in full-on coaching mode. (BRB—heading over to Grand Central again, just in case…)

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If you’re in need of advice—and Emma Watson isn’t near—we’ve uncovered a few other seriously good tips: how to healthfully move on from a breakup (and be better off than you were) and brilliant hacks on reaching your dreams, from some of the most successful people around.


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