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Photo: Jake Rosenberg for Coveteur Pin It
Photo: Jake Rosenberg for Coveteur

At this point, Emma Watson is practically the poster child for health-savvy feminists everywhere. (And you can bet she knows her Audre Lorde.)

Case in point: In addition to her role as an United Nations ambassador, the Beauty and the Beast actress is a fanatical self-care pro, a champion of women’s rights, and an expert when it comes to eco-friendly fashion and beauty. (And she still has time to give out genius advice to unsuspecting commuters.)

“[Friends is] one of those comforting things to have in the background that just kind of makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay.”

But, as busy as Watson is, she’s learned to turn what makes her feel healthy into a lifestyle—so she never gets too overwhelmed.

Whether she’s stocking up on feminist reads or scrolling Instagram for the latest in sustainable style, the Harry Potter alum shared the healthy habits that round out her busy schedule in a recent interview with Coveteur. (Consider us impressed.)

Scroll down for 5 elements you can use to create a Watson-approved, good-for-you routine.

Get Started

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1. Make self-care a priority

You can’t have a crazy, busy schedule without making sure you’re nurturing yourself along the way: “I am [big into self-care]. Meditation’s been very good. I’m a big bath girl. I take a bath every day; that’s definitely part of my self-care.” (Perhaps a good nightly-soak-plus-face-mask-combo would do the trick?)


Photo: Jake Rosenberg
Photo: Jake Rosenberg for Coveteur

2. Take time to recharge

Watson already secured her bragging rights as the ultimate “fanatical nester,” but it turns out that she’s not just silently meditating while skipping a night out in favor of staying in: “This is going to make me seem very uncool, but I will watch Friends reruns forever. My friends are like, ‘Why are you doing this?’ It’s one of those comforting things to have in the background that just kind of makes you feel like everything’s going to be okay.”


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3. Pay attention to what you’re wearing

As a huge advocate for sustainable fashion, Watson has spoken publicly on why it’s important to use locally sourced and organic fabrics and materials in your clothing—not to mention shown off her serious style chops on the red carpet and Instagram. (She even created a new handle dedicated to her eco-conscious looks while promoting Beauty and the Beast.)

“It’s actually not just about even what you purchase; it’s about, whatever you buy, would you wear it 30 times? That makes anything ethical and sustainable. That’s really the issue that we have with our fashion, that people are buying clothes and throwing them away after wearing them twice, filling land mines, creating unsafe working conditions. Destroying the planet, essentially.” And she swears it doesn’t need to be all couture or high-end designers—some of her favorite ways to wear it? Visiting vintage or consignment shops or checking out budget-friendly brands, from Teeki to Alternative Apparel.


Photo: Jake Rosenberg
Photo: Jake Rosenberg for Coveteur

4. Wear natural beauty products

And it makes sense that her sustainability extends into beauty, favoring an 80/20 rule for all products (and no, it’s different than the diet): “The majority of the things I buy I try to have chemical-free as much as possible, but there are some things which you just can’t find. Like a natural, waterproof mascara. But I’m trying!” (We feel you, Emma—until then, we’re swiping on the tried-and-true.)


Photo: Instagram/@emmawatson
Photo: [email protected]

5. Find workouts that inspire you

Although the actress rarely serves up sweaty selfies, she has been known to dabble in things that inspire her (and happen to rev up the heart rate at the same time). She recently shared her affinity for quick—but strenuous—workouts that also involve the mind. She recently showed off her boxing chops when training with a self-defense coach, but most often she sticks to the three S’s (stretching, strength and stillness), according to her trainer Emily Drew: “The workouts are approximately 30 minutes in duration, need little equipment, and are perfectly balanced.” We’d expect no less from this super-savvy star.

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