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When it comes to her well-being, Emmy Rossum shares little in common with the gritty character she plays on Shameless. The actress recently opened up about her self-care routine—and luckily it doesn’t take place in a dysfunctional house full of the constant chaos that her onscreen persona Fiona Gallagher weathers.

In a recent interview with Byrdie, Rossum said she tries to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to do her best work possible. Aside from getting up early to hit the gym and eating a balanced diet free of most processed foods, she also has a routine to keep her mental-health in check, too. And alcohol isn’t part of the equation.

“I stay away from alcohol when I’m stressed out. I try to only use alcohol in celebratory environments.” —Emmy Rossum

“I stay away from alcohol when I’m stressed out,” she said. “I try to only use alcohol in celebratory environments, and I think it can be something we can reach for as a quick fix for stress, and it actually makes [those feelings] worse for me the next day.”

So, instead of grabbing a glass of wine, Rossum prefers to get her R&R fix via other methods, like some a booze-free variety of bubbles.

“I think [alcohol is] a Band-Aid and really you need a yoga class or to take a nap or a bubble bath,” Rossum said. “Or I binge-watch a show, or read a book, or find another way to activate my brain, like find a crossword puzzle, or sudoku, or other things like that.”

Honestly, a combination of all these things sounds like the perfect, hygge-friendly, cozy night in.

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