Energy Kitchen debuts a better-for-you burger value meal

In addition to an across-the-board price slash, the mini-chain is launching new Energize Meals: a burger (veggie included), baked fries, and a drink for $9.99.
Energy Kitchen burger and fries value meal
Energy Kitchen slashes prices and launches a burger-and-fries Energize Meal

Value meals are generally an excuse to sell you as much calorie-packed processed food as possible, but better-fast-food purveyor Energy Kitchen wants to change that.

In addition to a serious across-the-board price slash (nice!), the mini-chain, with 8 locations in New York City, kicked off 2012 by launching new Energize Meals, a healthier version of the value meal.

For $9.99, you get a nutritionist-approved burger (veggie, grass-fed beef, and lean bison are among the options) or a wrap (like delish veggie tuna), a side of baked fries, and a drink (skip the icky diet soda and opt for a bottle of water).

Given that it’s hard to get a green juice for less than $10 in Manhattan these days, it’s definitely a good deal. —Alia Akkam

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