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Enter to win 5 dinners in 5 boroughs!

Are you ready for the ultimate culinary tour of New York City?
5 dinners, 5 boroughs_Glasserie_Brooklyn dining
(Photo: Glasserie)


Are you ready for the ultimate five-borough culinary tour?

You can enter to win five dinners, in five different New York City boroughs thanks to our partnership with Flavorpill, DNAinfo New York, and Gothamist. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go to all of them in one night!

You’ll win five $250 vouchers to five amazing restaurants, including Del Posto in Manhattan, Glasserie in Brooklyn, Roberto’s in the Bronx, M.Wells in Queens, and Beso Restaurant in Staten Island. (We spy lots of seasonal squash, spinach, and Swiss chard on most of the menus!)

Now the important question: Which friend will you take?

Enter to win, here!