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Enter to win a $500 Nike shopping spree from Classtivity!

Classtivity wants to hook you up with a new workout wardrobe by giving you a $500 gift card to Nike!

Maria Sharapova for Nike Sponsored

Classtivity doesn’t want you to sweat the small stuff—like finding an awesome workout class or figuring out what to wear to it!

The genius booking website already has the “find an awesome workout” part covered by making it super-easy to browse boutique fitness classes, book convenient times, and manage your classes online. (You’ve tried the Classtivity Passport, right?!)

And now, Classtivity wants to hook you up with sweet workout gear—shoes! tanks! accessories! capris! Heck, get a Fuel Band—by giving you a $500 gift card to Nike. Enter the Classtivity “Stuff to Sweat In” Sweepstakes now.

Plus, if you share the contest on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll receive one of their cute tees for FREE (while supplies last), with fun messages like “Stay Classy” and “Keep Calm and Go to Class.” (Make sure you tag or @classtivitycom on Twitter!)

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