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Enter to win the smartest scale we’ve ever seen


Congratulations to our winner, Amanda Owens!!

Do you use an app to log your runs, track your spin class workouts online, or count the servings of dark leafy greens you eat in a day?

Then you’ll love the smart phone of scales created by Withings, a French company that’s the Apple of health-tracking devices (i.e. stunning design, seamless delivery). And we’re giving one away!

The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale measures your weight and your body fat. And its sleek, sexy design will lend some futuristic glamour to your bathroom.

Using Wi-Fi, this PhD of scales beams your data to your personal online account, or to your iPhone or Android device, using a free Withings app. It auto updates every time you weigh yourself and displays data as cool, colorful graphics. Plus, over fifty online services and mobile apps are compatible with the scale to let you choose your own exercise or weight-loss program.

Whether you’re working towards significant weight loss goals or trying to maintain your weight, this tool integrates key health metrics—weight and body fat—into your daily life. Ramp up your running and watch your body fat percentage decrease. Start bringing quinoa-veggie salads for lunch to work and see your effort reflected in weight loss.

One lucky Well+Good reader will win a Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale (retail value $159).

To enter, tell us what you love about tracking health and fitness data in the Comments section, below!

 We’ll pick one winner on June 1, 2012, and will announce the winner at 5:00 p.m.