Equinox’s new blog, Q, turns up the heat on the how-to fitness video

Q, the new lifestyle blog from Equinox, delivers digital eye-candy in the tradition of the best fashion magazines—along with soft porn exercise videos.
A still from Q's Perfect Massage video

Q, the new lifestyle blog from Equinox, just launched and already its drawing up to 80,000 unique visitors a month. “People might think Q’s just for our members,” says Editorial Manager Liz Miersch. “But it’s actually a way for people who don’t belong to Equinox to have access to our incredible roster of experts.”

True that.

And that Equinox’s experts look hella hot shirtless—like fitness legend Mark Hendricks—can’t hurt ratings. The blog as a whole is eye-candy in the tradition of the best fashion magazines. In fact, the photo heavy interface, with slideshows galore, was designed by the same graphics and web production team behind Vogue.com.

Where Q really innovates is with its how-to videos. “Originally there wasn’t much enthusiasm in-house for how-to fitness videos,” explains Miersch, “But we asked for a chance to recreate the genre.” The result falls somewhere between Showtime’s adult programming and Gaiam fitness DVDs.

Check out Mark Hendricks doing The Power Lunch Workout. He strips to skivvies, he does lunges and renegade rows, he sweats, he flirts, and he saunters off camera. And if you’re too distracted by the visuals to actually learn the workout, there’s a downloadable PDF that you can print and take to the gym with you. In addition to fitness videos, there are how-tos for the kitchen and for the bedroom (check out: Video: Give the Perfect Massage)

Gentle ribbing aside, Q is definitely going to the top of our bookmark’s list. The content is well-researched, engaging, serviceable and served up in nice snack-sized portions. Equinox’s play to become a luxury lifestyle brand just took another step forward. —Alexia Brue


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