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Photo: Instagram/@erykahbadu

In case you missed it, Erykah Badu is basically your new go-to shaman. The singer-songwriter—who is also a doula and holistic healer—has been dishing out some seriously helpful wellness advice lately. Recently, Badu shared a few more secrets with Vogue, all in the name of getting a better night’s sleep.

Badu “likes lavender in [her] pillows,” so she can breathe in the herb’s calming aromatherapy powers.

Although sleep technology—think smart mattresses and snooze trackers—is one of the the top wellness trends right now, Badu keeps her p.m. routine digitally detoxed. She prefers a few Zen-inspired tricks to make her bed feel like a sacred space. For example, she “likes lavender in [her] pillows,” so she can breathe in the herb’s calming aromatherapy powers. (If you can’t find a lavender-infused pillow, place an essential-oil diffuser near your bed for a similar effect.)

Her other pre-bedtime essential? Listening to ultra-soothing wind chimes. “I fall asleep to chimes, and wake up to the alarm,” Badu said. “I even tried the ‘sweet chimes’ alarm [on my phone to wake up], but I ignore it—it’s too sweet!” Fellow #bossbabe and Well+Good Council member Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glowis also a fan of the chimes sound, as it helps her take the stress out of waking up, she says.

And though Badu notes she typically “wakes up with the sun,” she has does have blackout curtains for when her schedule is off due to travel for work. Now, who’s ready to crawl in bed for the soundest sleep ever?

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