Escape to Shape teams up with SLT at the Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge in Montauk is hosting its first-ever fitness retreat in September with Escape to Shape and SLT.
Surf Lodge Montauk SLT class and Escape to Shapre
Erin Jacques leads SLT on the deck of the Surf Lodge in Montauk (Photo: The Surf Lodge)


The Surf Lodge in Montauk, which turned a new healthy leaf this summer, is hosting its first-ever fitness retreat in September with Escape to Shape and SLT.

SLT you know as the tricked-out Pilates reformer workout spearheaded in New York by Amanda Freeman. And Escape to Shape is a chic, pioneering fitness travel company founded by Erica Gragg. (She was the co-creator of Amansala Bikini Boot Camp in Tulum, which is the touchstone of forward-thinking fitness retreats.)

For Escape to Shape, Gragg curates results-oriented workouts, wellness experts, and cutting-edge nutrition, then totes them to hot travel destinations like Morocco, Cambodia, and Croatia, for a small number of (typically urban) women at a time. This September weekend at the Surf Lodge is no exception.

Your all-star cast includes SLT classes (sans Megaformer) with Freeman and SLT Yoga with Erin Jacques, plus hikes and standup-paddling. Come evenings your body gets a rest while guest speakers focus on your inner life: David Lynch Foundation’s Heather Hartnett will be teaching Transcendental Meditation and Monte Farber and Amy Zerner will cover decision-making, intuition-building techniques using astrology, tarot, and more.

healthy travel Escape to Shape
An Escape to Shape healthy dinner (Photo: Escape to Shape)

Learning how to integrate good nutrition into more of your life (not just on weekends away) is also part of the program. Healthy local cuisine is included in the rate, and is portion controlled and prepared by Nicole Gimmillaro, the resident chef at Escape to Shape’s Destination Detox in Hudson, New York. Fresh juices from Juicy Naam are also served.

This is the first weekend-long retreat offered by Escape to Shape, which typically lasts for a week. “Our clients appreciate time-effective, efficient, and fun workouts in beautiful locations around the world,” says Gragg. “The Surf Lodge serves as the ideal stateside bohemian-chic backdrop for this Escape.” We’re thinking she’s probably right. —Melisse Gelula

Escape to Shape at The Surf Lodge, September 21–24. Rates are $1,750 per person for a shared room; $2,500 for a private room.  For more details, visit or email [email protected]

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