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Lacey Stone workout with Well+GoodSponsored

Last week, a handful of Well+Good readers won a spot at the VIP launch party for celebrity trainer Lacey Stone’s fitness App. Her first-ever app is called “Extreme Bootcamp!” and you can get it here.

The event was held at the swish loft space of Appcession in Chelsea, and included a killer workout with Stone, followed by champagne, appetizers from Gingersnap’s Organics, and red carpet photos (the slightly sweaty version).

See what you missed in the awesome photos that follow, and subscribe to Well+Good to hear about our next event!

Photos: Appcession and Eric Stafford


Get Started
Lacey Stone is all smiles on the night of her app launch—and because she just finished putting us through our paces.


Although the loft was beautifully lit with candles, there was no spa-like calm for the first hour of the event, which was all about the workout. It’s a testament to Stone’s encouraging teaching style that readers are actually smiling during the high-knees drills.


The push-up contest. No, we’re not kidding.



Tracy Toler of Appcession (right) shows a Well+Good reader how to use her new “Extreme Bootcamp! with Lacey Stone” app. It includes eight 10-minute workouts that you can do anywhere your iPad or iPhone can go.


Lacey Stone and Vanessa Martin and champagne app launchAnd after we popped a trillion squats, Lacey popped the champagne. Vanessa Martin of SIN Workouts (at left) got a pre-shower rinse.


Everyone loves an after party with champagne.

(Don’t worry, we sipped on water after our workout, too.)


Gingersnap's OrganicGingersnap’s Organics, the East Village vegan hot spot, served delectable small bites loaded with post-workout protein. Not pictured, the scrumptious raw, vegan “chocolate cake” bites. We may have eaten all them first…


Lacey Stone and Appcession fitness appLoads of media attended the Extreme Bootcamp! launch, including editors from Glamour, Wall Street Journal, and Fitbie, and New York fitness scene VIPs, Fat Bottom Slim’s Maggie Hinton (left) and Vanessa Martin of SIN Workouts.


Lacey Stone and Appcession fitness appThe talented Appcession team pose with their talent. From left Daphne Borowski, Lacey Stone, Gregory Muller, and Tracy Toler.


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