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Event Recap: Mio Workout Wonder Launch at Circuit of Change

Check out our beauty-fitness launch party photos for Mio, a hot new beauty line whose tag line is "fit bodies need fit skin."
Mio 16Fit bodies need fit skin—that’s the premise of Mio Skincare, a brand-new “no nasties” line from London. It’s intended for women who like to workout—or who just like great skin!

To celebrate the brand launch, we teamed up with Circuit of Change in New York City for three workouts. Spiritual-fitness guru Brian Delmonico led us through a series of yoga, martial arts, and boot-camp moves, leaving everyone feeling renewed, happy, and glowy.

Click through to view the beauty-fitness experience. And keep your eyes peeled here and in your inbox for more Workout Wonder events! —Jamie McKillop

For more information about Mio, visit

(Photos: Sidney Bensimon for Well+Good)


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Mio 4Mio founder Sian Sutherland kicked off the event in her stylish Lucas Hugh jacket. (We also obsessed over the Londoner’s chic teal fringe.)

“We all get the concept of fit bodies and fit minds, and Mio is the final piece of fit skin,” Sutherland explains.


Mio 12Here’s a cool twist: Delmonico began the class in savasana to reset students’ intention for their workout.

Mio 5The class isn’t all Zen and mediation. Witness the series of rolling planks, among other heart-pounding, strengthening moves.


Mio 10After the workouts, everyone dabbed on Workout Wonder, a cooling post workout gel that felt amazing on the back of the neck. Mio’s Jill Dunk chatted about the Mio skin-care line to natural beauty gurus, Sandra Chiu of Treatment by Lanshin, Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty, and Britta Plug of Treatment by Lanshin.


Mio 11One of Mio’s most popular new products is Liquid Yoga (pictured front, left in green). A soothing muscle soak made with mineral salts. It’s like restorative yoga in a bottle for your tired body.


Mio 2Of course, everyone left with a Mio swag bag, full of the brand-new products and an inspirational tee. “Small daily changes are the key to staggering long term results”—in life and in skin care.


Mio 6Jessica Richards, founder of Brooklyn’s Shen Beauty, left glowing with a swag bag and Juice Press Doctor Green Juice. (P.S. We need that shirt!)


Mio 13Christine Bibbo Herr of NYC Pretty flashing that signature smile with stylist friend Lauren Matina.


Mio 3To keep the post-workout glow going, Doctor Green and Glo juices from Juice Press were served—with special made-for-Mio labels!


Mio 14Well+Good’s co-founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula with Mio founders in their inspiration t-shirts Sian Sutherland (second from left) and Jill Dunk (far right).


Mio 15At the evening event, candlelight bathed the room for the Circuit of Change class, which featured live drumming during the workout.


Mio 9Master Flywheel instructor Shay Kostabi stopped by for the evening workout. Can we just take a minute to admire her amazing Michi leggings?


Mio 1Tracy Carlinsky and Alisa Holzer of Brooklyn Bodyburn. Don’t let their pretty disposition fool you: if you’ve taken their class, you know these two are tough-as-nails in the studio.

For more information, visit


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