Event recap: “Summer of Miracles” with Gabrielle Bernstein

opener-summer-61 On the evening of Wednesday, July 24, about 300 people attended “Summer of Miracles,” an event with New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein—and us—at NYU’s Center for Spiritual Life.

Bernstein, who’s “the nation’s coolest, most refreshing messenger of modern spirituality” (according to Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula), wowed the audience with an inspiring talk on how to create a sustainable “miracle mindset” this summer. She shared practical tips and tools, led the crowd in meditations, and more.

Here are some of the amazing shots and tidbits from the amazing spiritually-charged event…

Photos: Roni Martin


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2-summer-9 Bernstein’s built a incredibly dedicated following and her fans and Well+Good readers showed up half an hour early to eagerly wait in line to see her. The line stretched outside onto the sidewalk.


2.5-summer-16 Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula, co-founders of Well+Good, have been huge fans of Bernstein since her first book, and have featured her and her books like Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles on the site countless times, and citing her as “leader of the new generation of spiritual gurus.”


3-summer-21 The team from the NYU Center for Spiritual Life, which supports students of all faiths. Gabrielle Bernstein serves on the board and spoke about using the Center’s meditation room to get grounded before her talk. (Awesome tip!)


5-summer-65 The auditorium was so packed, people were literally meditating in the aisles.


5.5-summer-71 Bernstein’s lecture focused on blocks that make it hard to stay on our spiritual and healthy living path. “It’s easy to get excited about something new, but how do I maintain it? How do I stay on track,” she asked. And she answered! (Look for the video with the answers soon.)


6-summer-107 The audience hung on Bernstein’s every word, identifying with many of the scenarios she discussed, like texting that person you know is bad for you, or breaking your healthy eating promises to yourself and not forgiving yourself for it.


7-summer-79 Bernstein offered a series of spiritual practices and tips—like radical forgiveness, escaping a victim mentality, and seeing a decision all the way through.


8-summer-93 Another set of tools were inspired by Bernstein’s training as a Kundalini yoga teacher. She led the audience in a few cool, music-driven meditation, including this one, which involved holding your hands above your head in a halo.


9-summer-105 Audience members were able to ask Bernstein questions for 45 minutes after the talk, and she responded to each one with thoughtful, individualized advice.


10-summer-120 Bernstein called Well+Good founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula on stage at the end of the program, comparing the trio to the “wellness Charlie’s Angels” and noting that they’d been drinking green juice together for years.


13-summer-8 After the lecture, Bernstein signed books, and everyone snacked on delish Chia Pods. Not only did the The Chia Co. make everyone happy with their healthy chia pudding, they made the “Summer of Miracles” event possible. (Thank you!)



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Photo: “Summer of Miracles” halo meditation; Instagram.com/GabbyBernstein


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