Event recap: The Ultimate Barry’s Bootcamp Experience

Well+Good readers joined us for an evening filled with sweat, style, and exercise science at the new Barry's studio in Tribeca.

fit women in New York at Barry's Bootcamp
Well+Good readers rocked it last week at The Ultimate Barry’s Bootcamp Experience, held at the brand-new Tribeca studio!

The evening was filled with sweat, style, and exercise science. Star trainer Joey Gonzalez taught the famous interval-based workout, which alternates between sprints on the treadmill and strength training on the floor.

After class, while readers sipped on smoothies from the Fuel Bar, Gonzalez explained the science behind lifting heavy weights to slim down. And everyone scored awesome swag from Splits 59 and Weleda beauty!

Check out photos from this super-fun evening, and join us next time!


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Joey Gonzales at Barry's Bootcamp Well+GoodJoey Gonzales and Deirdre Beirne of Barry’s Bootcamp show us what they’re made of. Keep reading to find out how they got guns like that!


Many attendees made an evening out of the event. These fit friends and Well+Good readers pose before the sweatfest that followed.


Half the class started on treadmills and the other half began with full-body strength training on benches, with Joey Gonzales masterfully cuing throughout. After 15 minutes, the groups switched places. Everyone did two sets of each. (And survived!)


Strength training at Barry’s is no joke. The studio teaches the science-supported benefits of lifting heavy weights—about 8–15 pounds for women—to rev your metabolism, reduce body fat, and get toned.

Gonzales shared these findings with us after class in a 10-minute myth-busting talk. (Stay tuned to Well+Good for these fitness factoids!)


A lot of readers had never been to Barry’s before. We wanted to mention that before completely praising their awesome running posture and how they sprinted like a bear was chasing them. So impressed.



It’s all smiles for these Well+Good readers post-workout.

(How these fit friends don’t look completely drenched in sweat is beyond us!)

Note their swag bags, which contained…













Splits 59 Sabrina Tank at Barry's BootcampSplits 59 tanks!

Everyone who attended the Fitness Fashion session at 6:00 received a feather-light Sabrina tank by Splits 59 (value $66), one of the fitness fashion brand’s most popular styles.

Gotta love the gold-glitter stenciled “Barry’s” lettering on the back.




Weleda skin care at Barry's Bootcamp

Those who attended the  7:00 Natural Beauty session got these brand-new natural beauty products from Weleda.

The new One-Step Cleanser & Toner immediately came in handy.

And everyone was coveting the 97-percent-organic Weleda Replenishing Body Lotion, featuring the season’s “it” ingredient: sea buckthorn.



We love our readers! Well+Good’s Melisse Gelula (at right) chatting with some of the attendees. Making plans for the next Barry’s Bootcamp workout, perhaps?










Splits 59 workout tanks

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