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Did you know that fish typically rides more public transportation than you do en route to its destination and your dinner plate?

That’s why Sea to Table is helping develop a sustainable market that brings just-caught fish from the Atlantic (Montauk, in particular) right to five-star kitchens.

Want a taste of the enormous variety of fish that just so happens to pass New York City this time of year? On Tuesday, October 11, the Institute of Culinary Education (located on West 23rd Street) is inviting you to join them for “sustainable sashimi,” before it’s packaged, shipped, and sold off to regional markets.

The dinner may include yellowfin tuna, striped bass, scallops—and whatever local fisherman happen to catch. You’ll also get some insider info on what really goes on behind the scenes with our seafood.

Proceeds from this event will help support the activities of Slow Food NYC, including the Urban Harvest programs of good food education for New York City children. —Monica Rozenfeld

To purchase tickets ($35 for non-members), visit