Expedia study confirms the obvious: If you live in the U.S., you need a vacation

You may not be surprised to hear the results of a survey released last week, which confirmed a sad truth: Americans really need more vacation time. And money.
Expedia Vacation Deprivation
The results of the Expedia survey, mapped out.


You may not be surprised by the results of a survey released last week that confirmed a sad (and obvious) truth: Americans really need to take more vacations.

The 2011 Vacation Deprivation study, conducted by Expedia, collected data from 7,803 individuals in 20 countries. The results showed that Americans take less than half the vacation time that Europeans enjoy.

Even more depressingly, the number one reason Americans cited for not taking vacation was that they couldn’t afford it. (Ugh, who else is sick of this recession?!)

Survey conclusions that were way more fun? Everyone loves the beach, no matter where they live. The world’s meanest bosses are in Italy; the nicest in Norway.

The only good news for those living stateside: Americans who did take vacations actually checked their work email and/or voicemail less than some of their counterparts. (We don’t know these people, though, do you?)

However, this particular finding leads us to believe that maybe we are better at relaxing and doing nothing than we’d thought. And that’s a good thing to remember for those 50 weeks of the year when not on vacation and when work-life balancing is really key.


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