Eyewitness News shines a spotlight on our Summer Wellness Guide

We love Eyewitness News reporter Lauren Glassberg. Usually we catch her lifestyle segments on a treadmill’s TV or in a taxi. And, frankly, we’ve daydreamed about Well+Good getting the Taxi TV treatment.

Last night we got our big break. Our Summer Wellness Guide got some serious on-air play on ABC7.

We took Lauren to several of the spots featured in our free guide, like Donna Klimkiewicz’s “yoga studio without walls” and the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp.

As you watch this clip, keep in mind that the shoot took place during last week’s 100-degree heat wave—pardon our hair and makeup! And that every elementary school in lower Manhattan seemed to be taking a field-trip to the Brooklyn Bridge, making the workout even more challenging with swarms of pint-sized moving obstacles.

Reporter Lauren Glassberg toughed it out with us anyway.  Then, while she dashed off to film at Spring Street Natural, we hit our test kitchen to try smoothie recipes for tomorrow’s story.

Turns out we aren’t the only ones who love free outdoor yoga, running clubs, boot camps, and Pilates in the park. The response after the piece aired was so overwhelming that the traffic temporarily crashed our servers. But all’s well and good again.

Need a copy of the Summer Wellness Guide or know someone who does? Get a free copy here.

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