Fashion Find: Cute new rain boots to protect you from all kinds of awful weather

We're thinking you could probably use a really good pair of rain boots.

Ahnu rain boots

Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Athena have taught us a lot about our needs—like the need to reimagine New York’s waterfront to include better protection from surges and flood prevention.

On a much smaller level, you could probably also use a really good pair of rain boots.

We think we’ve tested some that do the trick: Ahnu’s brand-new Laguna Boots. They’re quite an upgrade from the Wellies of yore. Instead of your sweaty feet sliding around inside a rubber shell, the inside is structured like a regular boot, so your feet are cushioned and warm.

Ahnu, a wellness-oriented outdoor footwear company, uses “technology designed to work with your foot’s natural biomechanics.” Plus, they have a combat-boot aesthetic that’s super cute.

We splashed around in a pair over the past two weeks (in both rain and snow), and our feet stayed warm and dry the whole time. Looks like Athena is no match for Ahnu—the goddess of balance and well-being in Celtic Mythology.

Ahnu Laguna Boots, $160,

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