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Felicity jones hydration hack Pin It
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

While drinking water—AKA the key to staying alive and thriving—helps with everything from headaches to a clearer complexion (not to mention basic functioning of the human body), it can be pretty, er, boring. Sorry, fundamental building block of life, but it’s true.

Even Felicity Jones doesn’t have any Star Wars-esque ways of staying healthy without the ole eight glasses per day rule. But she does have a trick up her sleeve for making sure she gets in that H2O.

“It’s kind of a hassle, so having a straw is the best piece of advice because you end up drinking so much more,” the actress (from—you guessed it—Star WarsThe Theory of Everything, and other movies) reveals in a recent interview with ByrdieShe’s got a point—if you simply stick a cute, candy-striped straw into anything, chances are your lips will just drift over to it and keep sucking your beverage dry (it makes things more fun).

The downside? “You look like a small child,” quips Jones. “But it does really help! You get through gallons of the stuff.” Hey, whatever it takes.

This is the positive difference hydration can make on your health, as early as grade school. And these are 3 hydration rules everyone should follow.