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Figure 4 debuts at Pure East

Kate Albarelli, Figure 4, Pure Yoga

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Figure 4, Pure Yoga’s signature barre class, debuted to rave reviews last Spring.

The creation of real-life ballerina Kate Albarelli (pictured above)—who taught both Core Fusion and Physique 57—Figure 4 quickly stood out in the barre-packed fitness landscape for its ballet-quality technique—set to the best up-tempo playlists in town.

Until now, the class was only available to West Siders at Pure Yoga’s W. 77th Street Studio. But this October, it takes a grande jeté across Central Park to Pure East on East 86th Street.

Whether you’ve been working on your pliés or not, Figure 4 is about fitness, and it combines everything we love into one class. You’ll find:

· A killer thigh sequence
· Seriously sculpting seat work
· Revolutionary abdominal exercises
· Fat-burning cardio
· Transformational toning with hand weights

After a few sessions, you may not be ready to audition for Swan Lake, but you’ll be on your way to developing the long lean muscles of a ballerina.

Charter memberships for Figure 4 are available only until September 15. For more information, please call 212-360-1888 or click here. Don’t miss out on this revitalizing program.