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Figure 4: The caption contest. Cast your vote!

We recently asked Well+Good readers to provide a caption for this intriguing photo of Figure 4 creator Kate Albarelli. Drumroll…. Here are the four best! Please vote for a winner who will receive a free month’s membership to Pure Yoga.


A.) Suck it, Miss Hannigan! I’m going to live with Daddy Warbucks now! —Melissa

B.) I clearly said SOY latte. —Ellen

C.) Yowza! Who heated the damn floor? —Elaine

D.) Well+Good NYC’s Most Wanted: Kate Albarelli. Crime: Blatant disregard of the laws of gravity. Criminal description: Part frog, part monkey, part deranged red-haired ballerina.   Last seen hovering outside of Pure Yoga West at eleven-hundred hours on 5/5/11.  Armed with dangerously pointy banana feet.  $1000 reward. —Kelly

Cast your vote in the Comments area, below!