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Finding balance between work and motherhood


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In this week’s episode of “Perfectly Imperfect Parents” on The Chopra Well, hosts Mallika Chopra, Dr. Cara Natterson and Dani Modisett discuss balance. Many parents, no matter how organized, find themselves constantly stretched, juggling kids, jobs, housework and more. We interviewed Mallika on her personal approach to achieving balance and the things that get in the way.

The Chopra Well: Describe your daily struggle for balance—between family and work and personal projects. Any specific practices that help you get through the day?

Mallika Chopra: I do struggle for balance between my kids and work. (No time right now really for personal projects!) I’m pretty clear my #1 priority is my girls, so I think people who work with me understand and appreciate that. Hmm. As for practices, truly even 10 minutes of meditation halfway through the day helps anchor me. I try to set an intent for each day, too. That helps me stayed focused.

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