Fit or Flop wants to find the next fitness star

Fit or Flop, a web series that attempts to choose America's next fitness star, is premiering its second, splashier season tonight.
Fit or Flop
Two of Fit or Flop’s Season 2 contestants, Ilaria Malvezzi and Rodney Carter Jr.

Fit or Flop, a web series that attempts to choose America’s next fitness star, is premiering its second, splashier season tonight at 8:oo p.m.

Last year featured just two episodes, and Equinox spinning star Rachel Buschert Vaziralli took home the $150,000 prize package that includes video deals with series creator Apogee Media and is meant to jump start the trainer’s career.

This year, the eight-episode season includes former “Survivor” contestant Andrea Boehlke as its host and celebrity trainer Brett Hoebel, of “Biggest Loser” fame, as a judge. And viewers will be able to vote for their favorite trainers a la American Idol.

So who will be lunging and squatting towards the land of Jillian Michaels? Although many of the season’s contestants are based in New York, none are big-name trainers teaching at the city’s top studios. Bryan Ortiz, creator of Brooklyn Bad Ass Fitness, Trish Van Buren, creator of HipHotic, and Urban Escape Fitness founder Jasmine Johnson, are a few examples.

We know next-to-nothing about their methods, but that may be about to change.

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